ScHoolboy Q Focuses on Daughter in ‘Black THougHts’ Video

ScHoolboy Q
ScHoolboy Q and daughter wait for bus in "Black THougHts" music video.

The music video for ScHoolboy Q’s “Black THougHts (Pt. 3)” makes a powerful statement about how children are impacted when their parents are incarcerated.

“Black THougHts” is the third and final video in a series that includes “By Any Means: Part (1)” and “Tookie Knows II: Part (2),” also from the Los Angeles rapper’s fourth album Blank Face LP released on July 8.

In “By Any Means,” ScHoolboy Q and his friends engage in a day of mischief, and in “Tookie Knows II,” they rob a pawn shop and get arrested. In “Black THougHts,” they are sentenced and ScHoolboy imagines visitation arrangements with his young daughter.

While the video treatments and direction for “By Any Means” and “Tookie Knows II” are more straightforward and consistent with typical hip hop videos, “Black THougHts” takes a more artistic approach.

Instead of visualizing himself in a standard prison, ScHoolboy Q’s character sees himself institutionalized in a mansion surrounded by barbed wire. Though he’s wearing regular street clothes, his fellow inmates, who also reside in the estate, wear blue prison uniforms.

ScHoolboy Q "Black THougHts" music video.
ScHoolboy Q, imprisoned in mansion surrounded by barbed wire in “Black THougHts (Pt. 3)” music video.

The setting looks serene enough for his daughter to visit.  Near the video’s end, he walks her out of the house, seemingly en route to the school bus, but an surprise twist reveals an emotional ending.

The narrative is even more powerful when considering the song’s lyrics that describe a father abandoning his son, a mother “slaving for the rent,” and the “crips and bloods” being “the ode to the new slaves.”

One lyric in particular — “Let’s put the rags down and raise our kids” — rings loud and clear.

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