Q&A: Lalah Hathaway on Finding Her Voice in College

Lalah Hathaway
Lalah Hathaway

I was surprised to find out that Lalah Hathaway didn’t start singing seriously until she was in college. I just assumed that the daughter of soul icon Donny Hathaway would have realized her super powers at birth. She’s among the best in her generation.

Lalah Hathaway
Lalah Hathaway

During my interview with Lalah for Music Aficionado, she explained her humble evolution as a vocalist.

“I always knew that I was a singer,” she told me during a candid phone interview. “I always knew that I could sing. But I didn’t have anything on me that told me that I was greater than anyone else. I went to college. I started auditioning. I started finding my voice in college.”

It would be an understatement to say that Donny would be proud of his baby girl. She’s been awarded three Grammys for her works, toured with the late Prince, and received Anita Baker’s blessings for her artful cover of one of the singer’s early hits, Angel.

See the Q&A here.

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